August 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

Today is a rest and stretch day, so no major training going on. (I am working on what appears to be a future career in competitive eating, but no actual marathon training will take place today...). Instead, thought I would post some random thoughts and things I found while surfing the web.

Running club members face felony charges
Two siblings, members of a running club called the "Hash House Harriers", sprinkled flour in an IKEA parking lot to mark a trail - inadvertently causing a bioterrorism scare.

New Perspective on Charity Running
The Onion, a satyrical paper, pokes a bit of fun at charity running. Its all in good fun, and its pretty hysterical ;)

Vanilla Makes Me Feel Silly About My New Schedule Complaints
While I whine and cry about how I have to get up early now and go to school, Vanilla is getting up at 4:30 am for a run. He may be as crazy as I lazy.

At Least I Never Have to Worry About Over-Training
Tom has realized he may be over-training. Considering I do exactly as told - or less - this will never be an issue for me. As runners tend to always do extra, I think that is just another hint that I may not yet be a "runner" - there isn't a whole lot that would motivate me to actually do EXTRA running...while I find plenty of excuses to do LESS.

Fall is a Great Time for a Fun Run
There are tons of runs that start shortly after the marathon - short distances, fun themes, and usually BEER after! Gives me a little something to look forward to :)
Trick or Treat Trot (5K & 10K) - Oct 28th
Turkey Trot (8K) - Nov 22nd
Rudolph Ramble (8K) - Dec 9th


Tom said...

Really enjoy your posts. One of these days you'll drink from the kool-aid and be tempted to run more than necessary. Glad you're disciplined to do less and enjoy your running.

lifestudent said...

I am definitely disciplined to do less - but yet dont always enjoy my running...I think I am still figuring it all out ;)