August 23, 2007

Caught In A Monsoon

So I went out for a walk to Borders bookstore. I grabbed "Runners World" and a coffee, and sat down to read while trying to ignore the man snoring two tables away. On my way home I got caught in this downpour - waiting it out with another coffee at the local Caribou. (This ones a decaf!)

Update: 8:23pm
The storms cause havoc all over the city: powers out, streets are flooded, and many trees suffered some dire consequences. We lost a plastic outdoor-table that blew from our roofdeck (looked all over the neighborhood and its MIA!) but other than that suffered no dammage. Many others did though, thought I would post some pics I found on the Chicago Tribune photo gallery. While all these pics are of my area - I didnt take them myself - they are posted by other Chicago Tribune readers :)

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