August 24, 2007

My Run - A Pictorial

Its cooler today, and I was going to do an easy run due to the 18-miler I thought I would give an attempt at bringing the dog along. Earlier posts can desribe how well that usually goes ... but I am a gutton for punishment I guess!

We head out easy, and she was great. The other day on the path by the lake I noticed a girl who had her dogs leash tied around her waste. Now Wrigley likes to tree squirrells and chase other dogs - so I thought this might be risky. With my hands I can control her odd behavior, but with my waist? Anyway, when I hold the leash my arms get uncomfortable ... and when she yanks it hurts my shoulder. So I figured - why not? Turns went pretty well.

First we came along some pretty crazy stuff from the recent storms:
Then we came across a rancid, tiny puddle - and Wrigley decided it was a good place to swim. At this point, having the leash tied around my waist was not so ideal.
As we were in the finishing stages of our run, she also stopped and started acting like she had to "go"...which I knew was not true because I made sure her business was taken care of before we started! I told her to hurry up ... and she pulled a fake pee and then we were off again. When we got home - I turned on the sprinkler so Wrigley could cool off (and get that nasty, stale, dirty water off of her!)

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