April 18, 2007

A Fear of...The Outdoors!

I thought today would be a busy day for me - I had to make a return at a local mall or else I was going to have to eat my purchase, had a hair appointment at 1:00 and class at 5:00.

So, this morning I woke up early and ate my breakfast, and tried to psych myself up for my 30 minute jog outdoors. I checked the weather channel and it was 45 degrees out, which was a bit chilly for me. Then, I recalled the conversation with my friend yesterday about running gear, and how her shorts have a pocket for a key. I checked some of the new stuff I bought - no pockets. This means that in order to go running outside, I have to fasten a house key somewhere to my body (she had suggested putting it in the laces of my shoes).

Since I am already aprehensive about running outside (even though this time would have been without the dog), I found my excuses (too cold, nowhere to put the key - and difficulties still in mapping out a path) to be quite valid and instead walked around the corner to the gym.

After my workout I took too long to get ready, and had to quickly go up to make my return. I exchanged a shirt I had bought for my husband, and instead got myself some running shorts (with a pocket!) and a t-shirt for running. He loses - I WIN! I also stoped in the Nike store and got a second pair of running shorts (pocket - check!) and a tank. Despite the fact that I am decreasing my available excuses to run outdoors, I am finding many excuses to whip out the Visa!

I also happened across some shoes I might like better than the Nike shoes I got the other day and am thinking about getting these instead

Then, off to my salon where I decided to chop off all of my hair. I didnt have a ton to begin with, but now I have quite a bit less. If I have to get up at the crack-of-dawn for these runs, you better believe I am going with a no-nonsense haircut.

So, I ended up with a short work-out because I just went to the gym. Shopped around a bit. Got my hair cut. And right now? I am typing in my blog because I ditched class. I do have a worthwhile excuse (as you can tell, I am full of excuses) though! I am working on my take-home final for class instead of wasting my time sitting in the actual class where the three hours would have been devoted to listening to other students presentations.

Training Log
So today I was supposed to do 30 minutes of running. I did it easily, but didnt do it outside and used my mp3 player. TNT (Team in Training) is against listening to music while running due to safety issues. This sounded strange to me, but has been confirmed by others...some Marathons even BAN music devices!

Progress Made
  • Got some running shorts - wicking fabric with pockets
  • Also 2 wicking fabric shirts
  • Chopped off my hair
  • Confirmed again the watch works: set it for 30 minutes and completed the time (without having to stop 2 minutes in for "business")
Still Need to Work On
  • Fear of the Outdoors
  • Weaning off mp3
  • A hat to keep my hairless head warm :)
  • Beginning my Fundraising - plan to start after Saturday, since that is our official kick-off


LeahC said...

i really wish this weather would make the turn for spring. I am so tired of having to redig through my clothes to find my winter running gear.

Bridgette said...

I am just wondering.... what exactly are those shoes for? Or are they just casual?