October 7, 2011

45 Minute Pre Run "Warm Up"

This morning the baby woke up at 5:30AM, a full hour earlier than usual. I'm not really sure why, I guess he was just excited about it finally being Friday. Im glad he was so excited to start his day, because I certainly was less than enthused about the 5:30 wakeup call. The first thing I thought when I heard him up? "Guess I'll have to skip a run today and take nap during naptime today"

Throughout the day I wavered between a desire to run and a desire to nap. When naptime finally came I decided to run. My legs are so sore from Wednesdays training session, I figured a run might possibly help loosen them up. So, I eagerly put both kids into their room for nap and put my running clothes on. But, of course ...

My son has taken to crying when I leave a room. Its nice that he loves me so much and all, but its making naptime a little challenging. Today he took 45 minutes to fall asleep :( I went in there four times to calm him down, and each time he screamed bloody murder as I walked back out. It seems that maybe I shouldnt go in there, since leaving will simply upset him again ... but he continues to cry when I'm not in there and I cant let him be that miserable. Its a bit of a lose-lose situation I guess.

So during those 45 minutes I waited for him to fall asleep, I basically spent my time watching him on the monitor and running in and out of his room to soothe him. Also, because I spent most of the time in the kitchen (where we keep his monitor), I also polished off a bag of chips. Technically, this was a good thing. Really! Because during those 45 minutes I found a million reasons why I shouldnt/couldnt run once he finally fell asleep (if he was ever going to). But the bag of chips in my belly pushed me over the edge and guilt won in the end. Yay for guilt!

Distance: 3 mi
Time: 30:46

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