April 6, 2011

iPad Failure

We recently got one of the new iPads and while I havent done much with it, I did have a quick vision for it - helping make my time on the treadmill go by a wee bit faster. I figured I could watch some television shows on it, but found that a lot of the sites are not compatible without some sort of application or paid service. But, the ABC app is free and I could watch Grey's Anatomy on it. Seemed like a perfect fit!

Yesterday the three miles went by really fast and I didnt even make it all the way through the show. I was actually excited to hop on the treadmill tonight and finish the episode. I should have known that something wasnt gonna work out, because I havent been excited to run since I started back into running a few weeks ago.

The signal just wouldnt hold. The show kept buffering and turning all pixeley. I literally played with it for two miles until my finger accidentally slipped off the iPad and hit the display on the treadmill ... in the perfect spot to stop the treadmill, go back to the main menu, and delete my stats. So, I'm pretty sure I ran a bit more than 2 miles but I'm not sure exactly. I do know my pace was 11:06 (the benefit of having a technical failure on a treadmill versus outside is that you know exactly how fast you were running!). I started it back up again and decided to knock out one more mile as fast as I could. For the last mile I kept increasing my pace until I was running a 10min mile - the average pace for mile 3 was 10:30. I dont think I could hold that for three miles, but I'm getting there ;)


Kristin said...

I recently ordered an iPad (probably weeks to wait). Guess it's a good thing I wasn't planning on watching TV!

Jess said...

Too bad it didn't work out as well th 2nd time as it did the 1st time!