April 8, 2011

I'm Feeling Kind Of Awesome Right Now

(Warning: Post might get long, skip to the end for the "running" stuff)

I've talked about the baby a bit on here, and how he has been a major obstacle in my running. He is awesome, really, but has been a bit of a challenge at night. He will go all night one night, waking only once from 7-7. Then, the next night ... he will wake up 5-7 times. Those nights are horrible, and the good nights just cant make up for the rough ones. I'm beginning to figure it out (I think). It appears his bad nights are directly related to sleep issues during the day. The trick appears to be two (not three) good naps, followed by an early bedtime (like 6 or 6:30PM). I cant always make that happen though, and so each day is a bit of a gamble.

Yesterday he had a decent morning nap and a horrible afternoon nap - instead of 1 - 1 1/2 hours, he took a 30 minute nap. To get him to bed at 6 or 6:30, he needs to sleep until 3 or 3:30 (so there is about 3 hours awake before bed). Yesterday he was up at 2pm. Luckily, the same thing happened the day before and I learned from my mistake. When he woke up at 2 on Wednesday, I let him take a cat nap at 4ish. He slept late, went to bed late, and then was up 6 times that night. So yesterday I pushed him. He was pretty mad, but I made him stay up until 6 :)

He slept until 1, took a paci and went back to sleep. He then woke again at 4. I fed him, but he had a hard time falling back asleep. He grumbled and whimpered until 6 when I finally brought him into my room and he fell asleep until 7:30 (at which point I had to wake him up to take Brooke to school). Either way, this was a GREAT night compared to the night prior.

On Fridays, Brooke goes to school and Ryan comes with. We leave at 8:30, but he isnt supposed to nap until 9 or 9:30, and I have been having trouble keeping him awake in the car. Today with a late wakeup (7:30) he should have had a late nap (9:30). As I drove, he stayed awake. We dropped off Brooke and he was still awake! It was 9AM and I was worried he would fall asleep on the way home, so we stopped in at Starbucks for a coffee and a scone. I left at 9:30 and he feel asleep immediately.

Now, to the real point of this post
I'm driving home and I start to do the math...
Ryan fell asleep at 9:30, he should sleep till 11. I should get home by 10. I leave home at 11:30ish to get Brooke. I'll have a free HOUR when I get home! I looked at my latte (the scone was already gone). I wanted it. I needed the caffeine. But, hopping on a treadmill wasnt a great idea after downing a latte. So ... I stopped drinking it. I got home , changed my clothes, and got in FOUR MILES and A SHOWER, before the baby woke up.

To top it off, I continually picked up the pace during mile four. I finished feeling good ... and pretty confident about Sunday :)


Jess said...

Wonderfu job ont he 4 miler! And whatwill-power resisting the full latte!

Blumster said...

HOORAY! Glad you got in such a great run, and time to yourself. I know what you mean about the nights - we're just starting to figure out what "needs to happen" in order for Lorelei to sleep well ... but that's not always a guarantee! ha!