March 3, 2011

Till Tuesday

The delivery company called. They actually could come tomorrow with the treadmill, but ... they say you need a four hour window and wont narrow down that four hours until the night before. I have plans on Friday and on Monday and so I couldn't pick those days. Its irritating when they cant tell you AM or PM :( I could have had it earlier if they just gave me a little bit more wiggle room!!!

Anyway, its coming on Tuesday. Some time on Tuesday. So starting Wednesday of next week I no longer have one of my biggest excuses not to run (the fact that I have to leave my home and dont have anyone to watch the kids!). Guess we will have to see what other excuses I can come up with. For sure, exhaustion still comes into play. For example, last night I got 2.5 hours of sleep. Even with a treadmill in the house I wouldnt be doing any running today either way :)

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