August 24, 2010

She Isn't As Helpful As She Thinks She Is

Yesterday was a tough day physically for me. I took Brooke to a park in the AM and it just wiped me out. During her nap I really just needed to rest instead of attempting my workout. After her nap we went to the zoo for a while, then we came home and went out to dinner. It was a busy Mommy & Me day that left my legs cramping and me totally exhausted.

The thing is, my weeks have become extremely busy with school (I'll post more on that after a meeting tomorrow afternoon with my advisor) and I dont have her naptime for workouts that often.

Today Brooke's Uncle Tim was over during naptime and both of us did some work during that nice peaceful two hour interval. Much needed work, since I have this meeting tomorrow :(

So after dinner Brooke wanted to play in her playroom - the same place I do my workout. I decided to attempt a few things with her in the room with me, since she was busy with her toys. Not. Gonna. Happen.

I did a couple of sets of the c-shape push backs while she was hiding in a tent. I was good until she noticed me doing them and came out of the tent wanting to play with the "big ball". I gave her the stability ball but she was no longer interested and moved onto something else.

I picked up the ballast ball to do some of the overhead raises and lunges. Brooke ran up to me as I was raising it and tried to grab it out of my hands. "Brooke high!", she hollered. Because, of course, she too wanted to lift the large, weighted ball over her head. I tried to distract her and sent her over to the stability ball instead. That partially worked, but she wanted to lift that one over her head as well. Since her arms cant wrap around it and she can barely lift it off the ground, I had to stop what I was doing to help her lift it off the ground. Then, we had to put her Elmo and Care Bear dolls on top of it so they too could participate in the activity.

I tried to do the bicep curls with the tubing. I got one set done and about 6 of 12 done on the first rep until she ran over. She grabbed the tubing as I was using it and said "up. down." as she tried to keep her hands moving with the motion. I tried for the third set and she was there again "Brooke do!". This time she wanted a handle so I gave her the whole thing and thought I could try something else while she was distracted with the tubing. No go. She wanted to hold the handles but I still had to continue standing on it. So I stood on the tubing as she wrapped it around my legs.

I got the sit and reach done despite the fact that she came over and sat next to me during the second one. She sat there for a minute and then went to a nearby toy. It happened to be turned off and she started complaining that she wanted it on. I turned it on between sets 2 and 3 and (of course) the battery is almost out. The toy made distorted noises and wouldnt work as she wanted to. Luckily the rep only lasts 60 seconds so I let her complain for a minute and then moved her to a toy with a cooperative power source ;) I did one final set of the c-shaped push backs and then gave up trying to work out with a demanding toddler breathing down my neck.
Better than nothing, but not exactly a stellar performance ... nor enough of a workout to make up for my lack of workouts in general!

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