November 20, 2009

Want Somone Else To Do Your Holiday Baking?

Kim, over at ilaxSTUDIO is doing a Homemade Holiday Sweets Giveaway! Enter to win some yummy treats (details on her blog). If you are on a diet, a cautious eater, have some sort of allergy, etc., enter anyway and feel free to give her my address if you dont actually want the goodies. I'll accept someone elses winnings without guilt or self-pity.

Pretty much, the closest I get to baking is heating up a scone from Starbucks in my microwave. Occasionally, when I feel really homemakery, I whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. The Nestle kind that I grab out of my refrigerator and are pre-cut and ready to go.

So I'm hoping I win her giveaway so that I can stuff myself full of nice homemade sweets instead of the kind I get on a daily basis from Starbucks. Its the holidays and I deserve it ;)


Lisa said...

Aww come on, homemade cookie dough is THE best. Not the stuff out of a bag!

Kristin said...

I'm shocked that such a sweets afficionado doesn't like to bake! Not only are you missing out on the baked goods, but also the opportunity to lick the bowl (figuratively speaking)!

kilax said...

Thanks for the sweet post! I am sorry I got to it so late, and especially sorry you weren't the winner. :) Maybe I will have to do another giveaway next year!