November 20, 2009


Tomorrow I have a 7-miler on schedule. I know its not the most horrible of distances, but I havent run more than 6 since the Las Vegas Marathon ... in December of 2007. Its been a while since I've been up there in the distances and I get that nervous, jittery feeling in my stomach all over again. Sure, I have run 7 miles before. But it was two years ago. I was younger. More fit. And I didnt have a toddler sucking all of the energy out of me :)

Tonight we are having pasta and garlic bread for dinner. And to make sure I have enough carbohydrates for tomorrow's run I also ate a donught and like, 1/2 of a coffee cake. Now I'm sure I will be fully fueled.

Today has been a busy day already. I was up at 5AM for a 3-miler, had a toning class at 8AM and a playdate (for Brooke) at 10:30. The playdate went till 12:30, then Brooke had lunch and she is now down for a nap. I am now taking a moment to rest, blog, and watch this weeks Glee.

Running Log
Time:29:27   Distance:2.83mi   Pace:10:25

Another 5AM run, this one a bit more challenging than my last run. I started out with led legs and didnt really lose them till about 1/2 way through the run. Suprisingly, I paced at 10:31 that first mile. Generally I have been pacing slower my 1st mile due to the time it takes me to warm up, and I figured since my legs were so heavy I was going even slower than usual. Guess not. I am actually happy that my pacing seems to be becoming more regular instead of all over the place.

1 10:31
2 10:37
3 10:01 (pacing)


Lisa said...

Yep, you should be carb loaded now lol.

Great job on the morning run and with the pacing. I still seem to be all over the place but am getting to the point where I can sense that I am slowing down too much.

Break the 7 miles down into increments. That's what I do and it helps a lot.

Our Love On The Run said...

Hmm, sounds to me like you are 2 years older and wiser/more experienced, now have a toddler which chasing her and taking good care of her is technically is an additional form of training, and u haven't run this far since dec 2007= fresh, well rested legs! And your tank is full! Are u sure your not confusing that jittery nervous feel with butterflies and excitement?! I think its gonna be a great run. Enjoy the unseasonable temps and good conversations!

Jess said...

Hope the 7 miler goes well tomorrow!

Jamie said...

Good luck with the 7! Sounds like you have properly fueled :)

Glee was hilarious this week! Enjoy!