October 9, 2009

Us Volunteers Have It Rough

Maybe I should just run it on Sunday, looks like being a volunteer is going to be difficult :) This is the email I recently received with some volunteer tips. The list is pretty long:
  • Make sure that you eat a hearty meal and have enough fluids before your volunteer shift, and that you stay well hydrated during your shift. You are going to need high energy levels at the Expo and on race day!
  • Wear your event issued Volunteer uniform, which includes a Nike hat and jacket, at all times. The Volunteer gear must be visible and worn on the outside of your clothing. Please layer underneath your Nike jacket.
  • Wear appropriate footwear. If you are working at an Aid Station, your feet may get wet. As a result, wear thick socks and bring a dry pair of socks; wear waterproof shoes if you have them or wear boots if you have them
  • Wear gloves - all volunteers in contact with runners and body fluids are strongly advised to wear gloves. Volunteers who work at food or water distribution stations (in Grant Park or at the Aid Stations) must wear plastic gloves over their gloves.
  • Layer up: the temperatures are expected to be chilly on race morning. Wear long underwear, turtlenecks - anything to help protect you from the elements.
  • Wear sunscreen to protect your skin. Although temperatures are expected to be chilly, the sun will still be strong.
  • Make sure you know who your Group Leader/Aid Station Captain is, and that you fully understand your role and responsibilities before your volunteer shift begins.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Event Alert System (EAS) and the American Red Cross Patient Connection Program (see below for details).
  • Pack warm and dry clothes to change into after the race.
  • Utilize warming areas on race day if you feel your body getting too cold.

And I didnt paste all the stuff at the bottom about H1N1. I didnt even think about the possibility of one of the runners (or other volunteers) passing me the swine flu. Oh joy.

Luckily, volunteers receive a sweet Nike jacket. Its so cool, it might actually be worth getting the swine flu for it ;)


Jamie said...

that's more intense than the race e-mail. good thing I'm wearing gloves to run b/c I didn't even think of H1N1! do you know what station you'll be assigned?

lifestudent said...

I'm at station 7, mile 10.5 ... Fleet Feet at North ave!

Sarah said...

Wow...that is quite the list! Have fun and post a pic of your free jacket!

Jess said...

The glove requirement is an odd one. I don't think I've ever seen volunteers wearing gloves to protect themselves and the runners from germs. I guess swine flu has made us all germaphobes.

Enjoy volunteering!

meanjean said...

I cant wait to see more pics (and your free jacket!) Way to volunteer!