October 22, 2009

I Have Had Some Crummy Days

It all started over the weekend actually. I had to grade a bunch of exams for the Professor I work for this term. Not that big of a deal usually, but this was quite the ordeal. To begin with, I get a call around 2 on Friday that the exams have all been copied, that I'm to pick them up and grade questions 4 & 6. Well, I have a baby napping and cant come right away, and then when she wakes up it will be rush hour. I dont want to spend 2 hours in the car with her ... so I tell them to leave them in my mailbox. Thinking all is fine, I drive down to campus at 9 at night ... after dinner and Brooke is put to bed. I get there, look in my box, and no exams. Sweet.

After I blew my top, made some phone calls, angrily drove home, and had a restless night of sleep due to my irritation, the next afternoon I head back to campus. Turns out my counterpart left them in the Professors office since she couldnt fit them into my mailbox. Thats awesome since it was the weekend, and only the Professor has a key to her office. I head down Sat afternoon to pick them up from the Professor (who also had to drive to meet me). I spent about 5 hours on Sunday grading the exams, and went back down to campus on Monday(while my sitter was with Brooke) to drop them off.

Then it turns out that the scores were so low (REALLY LOW) for the exam and one of my questions, that I need to regrade them and just throw points at these dumb kids. Not that big of a deal, except I left the exams in the Professors office. Now its Tuesday night, and the exams need to be regraded by Wed. I drive back to campus on Wed (with Brooke again) to get the exams. Spend 3+ hours regrading the exams yesterday while also trying to entertain a 1-year-old who is walking all over the place. Since I cannot make it back to campus, I need to type up grade analysis sheets for 55 students, update test scores and submit it all via email. Its 4:30 PM by the time I'm done.

Last night I was so exhausted from the past few days I just sat in a chair and did nothing. Literally nothing. I know in general I am poor at managing my time. And Brooke can be a (delighful) handful. But I still dont understand how women can "do it all". How can I work, and be a mother, and a wife, and a friend? Let alone adding those things like reading, running, and watching my new favorite show Glee? Am I ever going to figure out the secret to success?

I know we dont get to see everything in her life - but Michelle Obama seems to be a great mom who spends lots of time with her kids and family. She is the wife of a President, definitely reads (she pretty much has to keep up to date with a lot of things, so maybe she doesnt get a whole lot of pleasure reading in) and if you have seen her arms ... you know she works out. Maybe she is a bit crazy though, doing 20 hour days with little sleep (I've read she works out at 4:30 AM ... no way am I doing that). Though I would like to have "it all", to me that also includes sleep.

Anyway, this woman needs to write a book for other women on how to be an awesome woman. Seriously. She is awesome. I'd buy the book if she promised to help me be more like her. I bet Michelle Obama doesnt have any crummy days (she hires people to experience those days for her and just sits around in her awesomeness).

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kilax said...

LOL! I was totally thinking that about Mrs. O when I wrote my Friday Question last week. She is superwoman!

But you know what, if people weren't idiots and put the tests in your mailbox, and if the students weren't so dumb, you'd have a lot more time!