October 6, 2009

The Day The Laptop Died

I was sitting on my laptop last night when it just randomly powered
off ... And failed to power back on. I thought it was just a fluke,
but multiple attempts to start it up were unsuccessful. I have my
dissertation stuff on there, but considering what little I have done
on it, the loss is not that great. The issue is photos ...
Specifically, Brooke pictures. My laptop holds all the pictures of
Brooke over the past year, and if course, I never backed it up.

So now my family history and memories lie in the hands of the sleepy
and irritable tech guy I dropped my laptop off with a few moments
ago. I'm not feeling too good about it.

1 comment:

Carly said...

That just happened to us. I did get most of my photos transferred to the external hard drive but I still lost a ton. I hope you get your photos back! good luck!