September 14, 2009

World's Largest Gummi Bear? Yes Please!

We are always trying to make things bigger, because (for some reason) bigger is better. Currently, I am trying to make my derriere bigger by sitting on it alot and consuming many Starbucks pastries. Although when it comes to food, I have to say that bigger is not always better. The bigger something is, generally the less tasty it is ... and the more my tummy hurts when I'm done eating it. But yet, its still fun to imagine taking a bite of:
The World's Largest Cupcake
Baking time = 12 hours / Ingredients = 200lbs flour, 200lbs sugar, 200lbs butter, 800 eggs / Weight = 1,224lbs / Calories = 2,000,000

Worlds Largest Cookie Ingredients = 30,000 eggs, 6,500 pounds of butter, 6,000 pounds of chocolate / Weight = 37,000 pounds Diameter = 102 feet

But best of all... World’s Largest Gummi Bear
Why is this one the best? Because you can actually purchase it (and, of course, eat it). It seems like a nice present or stocking stuffer, doesnt it?
Weight = 5lbs / Size = 5.5in tall X 3.5in deep / Calories - 12,000


Sarah said...

12,000 calories???? That is just absurd. :)

I was pysched that Starbucks has their pumpkin stuff in the pastry case now. Now I can't wait for their is by far my favorite!

Jess said...

That gummi bear actually looks gross to me. Now, the cupcake...that's a different story!

RunToFinish said...

mmm cookie...seriously that shouldn't even look good...but somehow