June 10, 2009

Is There A New Moon On The Horizon?

I finished Twilight last night ... thanks (or no thanks, actually) to a stomach ache that prevented me from sleeping. There were some slight deviations from the movie, but generally the two were one-in-the-same. The book definitely needs to come before the movie, if you are going to choose to do both.

I had decided that I would only read the book at night before bed, a time when I do not ever do school work. BUT, I did not stick to that goal. I read the book during two of Brooke's naps (when I do occasionally do schoolwork, but more often housework) and twice while she was drinking a bottle (a long process because she likes to screw around a lot now that she can feed herself).

I know we wont see the next movie in the theater (its not coming out until November) because we rarely go to the theater anymore. In addition, I have a feeling it would be a teenage frenzy and I'd feel slightly out of place (though I have the maturity of a teenager I sure dont look like one). So I dont need to read the next book until the movie is out on DVD ... that gives me a lot of time. On the other hand, the school semester starts in August and my schoolwork will really ramp up then.

These big life decisions can really be so stressful...


meanjean said...

I knew you would like it enough to read the second one--it gets better in the later books. I could write a dissertation about the series, seriously. I'm glad you are reading them!

Jess said...

Personally, I think the first one is the best, but if you get into the second one, you may as well not stop until you've finished the series. It's just so engrossing. And it's just such easy reading that before you know it, you've read them all.

jh said...

I am about halfway through the second book. I like it better than the first, the werewolves are much more interesting to me. Can't wait to see the movie.

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Linden said...

Okay, if I had read this right after you posted it, I would, with my vast experience in education, advise you to use the summertime. I have a hard enough getting my school-related reading during the semester, and you want to make sure you've read it before you see it. I mean, what if you find yourself suddenly with a babysitter and movie tickets in your hands without having read it? You don't want to do that to yourself.