May 10, 2009

A Sesame Chicken Mothers Day

Firt of all, Happy Mother's Day! Since its my first Mother's Day, I decided that although I will still list my sweets ... Im not gonna worry or think about them for today. This means that the list for today will be a bit long. In addition to sweets, I ate a bunch of other garbage too. Whoops.

We went out to the burbs for brunch/lunch, and I had some french toast. I'm guessing I should count this as sweet. It had some powdered sugar on it and I added some syrup. I definitely tasted pretty sweet.

Jeff also got some cupcakes to celebrate the day, I had one today but am saving the other for tomorrow. In addition, we had Chinese food from my favorite restaurant, Chen's. I have been getting a very unhealthy dish from there quite often and have decided that I should look for a healthier option. But ... today is Mother's Day! I'll start getting something better from there next time. Since it pretty much tastes like chicken covered in candy, its on the confessions list for today.

Sweet Thing Confessions
Toffe Nut Latte
Mallorca Sweet Bread
Blueberry Muffin (Just a few bites)
French toast
Sesame Chicken


Jess said...

It was your day to indulge, so like you said, you shouldn't feel guilty! hope you had a good Mother's Day!

aron said...

happy mothers day!!!! hope it was a great one :)