May 4, 2009

Exercise Through Osmosis

Every night I dream about living a healthier life, both physically and mentally. I dream that I eat all the right things, get some exercise, have an organized life, and dont sweat the small stuff. Each morning I wake up and I am sure that "today will be the day", but it seems it never is :) Maybe I need to stop dreaming about it and actually doing it ... or perhaps I just need to slip a pair of running shoes, and apple and a daily planner under my pillow???

Today I woke up ready for another fresh start. Untill the cupcake won. It's been sitting on the counter for a few days ... and now its no longer there. I thought I'd just check to see if it was still fresh, so I tasted the frosting. It was good. So I wondered if the cupcake had dried out. The only way to find this out was to take a bite, so I did. It wasnt dry. So I ate the rest of it :(

I followed up my cupcake breakfast with a gym class for Brooke, and then after that an exercise class for me. YAY! I did something!

...then after class I got a Caramel Macchiato

I had a sitter for Brooke today and decided to finally run out and get some new clothes. My old ones dont fit anymore, and since osmosis is not enough to get my body back in shape, I finally gave in. I kept waiting to buy clothes until I felt a little bit better about my body, but Brooke is now seven months old and I've been living in the same ill-fitting wardrobe for way to long. Of course, though I am feeling bad about myself I decided I needed a Grape Fanta. And after shopping I stopped in at the grocery store to pick up dinner and got suckered into a Butterfinger in the checkout line.

I dont think confessing my bad eating habits is helping a whole lot. Maybe thats because I'm just confessing sweets? I'm so glad the NaBloPoMo topic of the month wasnt "Fried" because talking about all the fried foods I eat would just be humiliating :)

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Sweet Thing Confession
Caramel Macchiato
Grape Fanta

Its only 4PM, but I seriously hope that this will be the end of my confessions for today. I dont want another day like yesterday!

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Jess said...

I think the number of "sweet confessions" has decreased int he last few days, so you're making progress!