March 6, 2009

Unseasonably Warm

It's 63 degrees, and the dog is restless. I took her out in the back to throw the ball a bit ... threw it three times until she realized how warm it was and decided to hide in the bit of shade she could find :)

At least one of us did some running today! I got as far as mapping out my 3-mile run, but thats it. I guess thats better than only thinking about mapping it out, right? I did do my ab workout today, so 1 of 2 homework assigments is completed. All I have to do is run tomorrow and Sunday and my week is complete ...

I just learned two things from the 10:00 news.
1) Today hit 65, our normal high is 42
2) We are supposed to get rain ALL weekend. Not sprinkles, "flash floods". So glad I postponed my runs to the point where I need to run both this weekend.


aron said...

sooo cute :)

meanjean said...

Its amazing here today (67!) Im just about to map my run and try to do five today!