March 12, 2009

I Deserve It

Did my run in the freezing weather, finished a few loads if laundry ... Then off to reward myself with a little TLC.

Runkeeper is royally confused
I did 2 miles today as suggested by Hal Higdon. This was a good thing because my legs, back and mind are just exhausted! Anyway, the 2-miler was good, despite the frigid air. But a little suprise happened when I checked out RunKeeper at the end of my run. According to RunKeeper I ran 9.62 miles in 21:05 minutes, at a pace of 2:12 per mile. In addition, according the the map I evidently can run on water.

Training Log
Time:21:05   Distance:2.02 mi   Pace:10:26
I mapped out my run beforehand, so I know it was about 2.02 miles. In addition, I think that the time of the run was correct, its just the distance (and map) that dont make any sense! I like the idea that I run 2 minute miles a lot more than 10:30's.


Sarah said...

Oooh...I am jealous! :) What kinds of fun did you get to have at the spa?

lifestudent said...

I got a well-needed facial! Yay!

RunToFinish said...

you can walk on water!!

Jess said...

The spa sounds wonderful!

Maggie Mae said...

After a 2-minute mile and walking on water, you probably also need one heck of a pedi!

Rookie on the Run said...

Well, you ARE incredible! Running on water... bet you didn't even get your shoes wet.

I'm jealous of the spa visit!