March 3, 2009

Back In Action

I am back! I have the internet! My life is now complete.

Yesterday was Day 1 of Hal Higdon's 5th week of my 8-week training!

Monday: stretching & strengthening
Tuesday: 2.5 miles
Wednesday: 40 minutes cross training
Thursday: 2 miles and stretching & strengthening
Friday: rest
Saturday: 50 minutes cross training
Sunday: 4 miles

Du to some bumps in the road I have yet to break 2.5 miles and have been messing around with the schedule a bit. There is no way I am doing 4 miles this weekend :( I am definitely planning on getting 3 in this week, and perhaps if I feel awesome bumb to 3.5. I'm going to play it by ear and see how it goes - it looks like the running gods are a bit in my favor this week as we have a warmup on Thursday and Friday that will take us into the 50's. Thats practically a heat wave here in Chi-town!

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