February 8, 2009

Run Keeper Round Two!

I gave Run Keeper a second try, with the same route to see if the problem I had last time was random, my fault, or something about the system that stinks. I mentioned that I was going to give Fitnio another try but after checking out both tools a bit more online I decided to give Run Keeper another shot. As a whole I like all that it has to offer - the only problem with it that I have is that it starts a week on Sunday (which is pretty common) and my training schedule begins on a Monday. My weekly tally for Week 1 of training was 6 miles (a bit less cuz of my funny numbers) but the weekly tally on Run Keeper doesnt match that because my 2-miler today counts for "next week". It might be nice to have the option to select which day of the week your week starts on (what if I started training on a Wed? Maybe I want my weeks to start and stop on a Wed!)

According to Run Keeper, the same route that was 1.87 miles last time mapped out to 1.95 miles this time ... which is the same (well, practically) as Favorite Run quoted it. I honestly cannot figure out what happened last time, but I assume that the GPS must have dropped, perhaps multiple times. I did turn off the wi-fi on my iPhone as recommended, and maybe that was the difference?

Training Log
Time:22:05   Distance:1.95 mi   Pace:11:20
It may seem like I ran a lot faster here than in my other 2 milers. Perhaps I was a bit faster because I am feeling a bit more confident - after not running at all for over a year, starting back was scary and challenging. With a couple of 2 mile runs under my belt, I know I can run 2 miles ... so mentally the run is easier. But, most likely the change in my speed has to do with the weather. The other 2 runs I had to navigate snow and ice - but thanks to some warmer temps that was not an issue tonight! That means I ran more of a road-run than a trail-run: didnt have to veer and dogde as much, or slow down to avoid slick spots ... and I guarantee that was the minute or so difference in total time I took for this route :) (But lets just pretend I got faster, ok?)


Jess said...

Glad it seemingly worked out better the 2nd time around!

Jason Jacobs said...

Glad it worked better! Good suggestion on the ability to customize when your weeks start/end, we will look at adding that into a future release. Ultimately, we plan to give people a lot more insight into their data, as well as flexibility on how to organize it.

Good luck with your training!