January 30, 2009

Wacky Dream(s)

I have very detailed, vivid dreams. My husband insists that I am making them up when I try to tell him about them, because "nobody dreams like that" ... but I do! I stopped telling him about them because he thinks I am crazy, but there is one I felt worthy of this blog, because it has to do with running (sortof).

Anyway, the dream begins with me walking around some sort of courtyard of a mansion or huge house. This courtyard is filled with plants and flowers. As I am walking I see Kiefer Sutherland (aka Jack Bauer) come out of the house to yell at the gardener because he is watering the plants wrong. The gardener walks away and Kiefer proceeds to water all of the plants.

These plants are all along the walls of this courtyard, so he is walking along the house watering with a basic garden hose. At one point, Rob Lowe (who must be his roommate) comes out of the house and agrees that the gardener needs to learn how to water the plants because he stinks at it. Rob goes back into the house, Kiefer keeps watering.

When he is finished, he sits down on a concrete bench in the middle of this courtyard and I sit next to him. I only see my own legs, and I am wearing a flouncy, flowered skirt and running shoes. Kiefer complains that his shoes (a pair of Asics) are all wet. I explain to him that I have two pairs of running shoes, one for when its raining and one for when its not. He lets me know that he has been wearing the same kind of running shoe "for all of these years" and had just realized that they suck. I wittingly tell him that when I go to buy shoes at the running store, I always ask them to recommend complementary shoes to me in other brands and styles. This way I can pick from the best of alternatives instead of sticking blindly to one shoe. It is quite apparenet Kiefer thinks I am a genius. I am pretty sure we were about to run away together ... but then there is a squeaking coming from the baby monitor and I wake up.
Beyond just being ridiculous, this is wrong in so many ways:
  1. While Kiefer Sutherland is ok, he isnt someone I think about often. I dont know how he ended up in my dream when there are so many better options to dream about.
  2. I would never wear a flouncy, floral skirt. And I certainly wouldnt pair it with running shoes.
  3. I do not have a pair of shoes just for when its raining
  4. One time I bought a different shoe suggested to me at the running store (I switched from Brooks to Mizunos) but since then I have stuck with the Mizunos. I dont ask them for opinions and generally order online for a better deal.
So see, this had something to do with running. Running gear at least... If you are a therapist, please do not try to analyze me. I do not want to know.


Jess said...

That is a strangely detailed dream. Movie stars almost never make guest appearances in my subconscious.

meanjean said...

I think all i can really say is "no comment."