September 30, 2008

I'm Majoring in Marathoning

Runners World digs up some interesting stuff every once-in-a-while. For example, they recently had an article about Marathon College Courses. Classes you can take in college that are marathon-related ... in which you actually receive course credit!

This sounds like a great idea now, but when I was in college there is no way I was going to run for class. . (Though, I did take ice-skating in undergrad and got an A) I highly doubt a PE class like the ones described could have been applied towards my MBA or PhD, but maybe it should. Students of any age can often get overwhelmed with life - the combination of school, family, friends, etc. Exercise is often shown to help with more than just fitness ... it also can alleviate stress. Perhaps a course like one of these might have been ideal when I was ready to crack (those many times) in my post-collegiate career :)

Runner's World lists 8 universities that offer credit for Marathon courses of some kind. One of them is actually where I got my MBA, too bad I didnt know about it then. But again, it took me quite a few years of life until I had the marathon bug ... and it wasnt happening while I was getting my MBA :) Perhaps if the course was available to me though, I would have done it way back when. Who knows how different my life would be if I had run my 1st marathon in 2002 versus 2007? Hmmm.....

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