August 1, 2008

Sheesh Its Hot Out!

Though my computer claimed it was only 79, I thought I would never make it through the short walk Wrigley and I take each morning. And it wasnt just me! She was slow, and made sure she hit all the shaded areas as we walked ... and it was just around the block (maybe 10 minutes?).

The heat becomes an issue for all of my friends training, who still have to complete some pretty long runs this weekend. Its also an issue for those heading to the Lollapalooza festival this weekend (a several day music festival in Chicago with an expected attendance of 75,000). From what I remember, last years event was a schorcher too (I remember LeahC went, and her posts indicated how hot they were, but dont remember what the temps were). Good thing to note, the festival organizers actually plan to give free water to attendees should the temps break 90. Thats pretty amazing since generally those that run festivals are thrilled when it is hot out so they can charge people an arm-and-a-leg for water.

The heat is an issue for me only because I become more and more affected by it as this pregnancy progresses. I am lucky because I am not working and dont have any big agenda for the weekend - so I can hide-out. This is not unusual for me lately, and I have found a new passion for Law & Order and Forensic Files, both of which play in marathons all day, every day. In addition, while absorbing myself into this crime-related television I have also let the house get a bit out of control. So since I am trapped inside its also a day for laundry, organizing and cleaning. No, not fun at all. But its something that has gotta be done and with this heat I now (unfortunately) have no excuse.

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