August 4, 2008

No Dog For You!

I have heard some chatter about this, but saw an article on Runner's World today about how Beijing has banned dog from Olympic restaurants. While I think the fact that anyone eats dog is just nasty, I am sure there are people out there who think what I eat is just nasty too. And part of the benefits of foreign travel is the opportunity to experience that culture ... and if they eat dog, then they eat dog, right? Just because its on the menu doesnt mean you have to order it :)

There are places where you can eat rabbit or frog, and I think thats strange. But you can also find goat, monkey, alligator, bat, pigs brain, rat, ants, you name it! For a list of some of this crazy stuff check out

Want to see some really nasty stuff? Check out some of the stuff Michael has eaten at

So anyone traveling to Beijing will have to eat outside of one of the 112 Olympic restaurants if they are craving some dog meat. Hopefully that won't ruin their Olympic experience :)

Right now I am going to go hug and kiss my dog and make sure she understands how lucky she is that we dont live in China.

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