July 18, 2008

The Non-Runner Still Has to Eat

Last night I met up with my old "running crew" for some Thai food. We have all gotten together in bits and pieces here-and-there, but its the first time in a long time that we all got our schedules to sync at the same time. It was great being with all of them again, practically like old times ... except for the fact that they all have something in common that I no longer am a part of. As they talk about their upcoming double-digit runs and battling the current Chicago heat wave, I find myself envious of their experiences. They have met new running friends this season, and things are different for all of us. As we all chatted, I hoped that perhaps they were also secretly envious of me ... having the "excuse" not to run those double-digits in the 90 degree weather. Who knows?

The Chicago Marathon inconveniently falls in the same week as my due date, and though they seem to keep forgetting, they are aware that odds are against my being there to support them (Of course, I will be there in spirit). But, each of them is running in the Chicago Distance Classic on 8/10 and thats an event I know I can come out and support!

My Big "Race"
This weekend is the Fleet Feet Sports Women's 5K & 10K. While I attempt to walk 3.1 miles (definitely the farthest I have gone in one period in MONTHS) both Cara and Beca will be running twice that amount. They generally start the walkers at the back of the pack and I have a feeling we will all be finishing up at the same time. In addition, due to their regular training and my rather sloth-like existance, I predict that I will be sweatier and more worn out at the end of the event than they are :)

After the run (or walk, for some of us!) I will get to stuff my face with food, making up for the extreme effort it will take me to walk for those 3.1 miles. Perhaps even better, after stuffing my face with food I am going to go see The Dark Knight at the Navy Pier IMAX theater. My brother-in-law, Tim, was wise enought to get us tix to this (now sold out show) in advance. Yes, you have a right to be envious.

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Runner Girl said...

Oh wow! I had no idea Navy Pier has the IMAX of Dark Knight! I guess I'll have to wait for next weekend to go thought...