July 2, 2008

Its Independence Day!

For many of us its a weekend of BBQ and booze. For me, not so much. What fun is the BBQ without the booze? Not much really. Instead, I think I will choose the smart path this holiday weekend - working on a book chapter that has an impending deadline. My brain has turned to mush and each time I get into this thing I fear I only wreck it even more. I have to turn it over to my writing partner on 7/7 and I am worried she is going to read it and think I was hammered while writing. My thoughts come out jumbled and random and thus I feel my writing looks much the same (perhaps worse).

Friday Funnies
A little political humor goes a long way on the 4th of July! Some of these are so dumb, but I think this one is pretty darn fantastic: Although I myself don't own a bike, I know many that do. While some bike for leisure and some for sport, I beleive anyone who has taken a bike out for a spin has a story to tell. As many cities try to embrace bikers (especially with increasing gas costs), some are increasing their fines & ticketing to cars who ignore or violate bike paths. For example, drivers who open their doors into bike paths without looking. While all of this is great, and will help make our cities greener ... not all bike-friendly actions are also intelligent.

Ever been on a bike path that makes no sense? Starts and or stops randomly? Check out these videos of the stupidest bike lane in America.

Part 1

Part 2
This one is actually located in the same city my sister lives in ... isnt she lucky?

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