August 22, 2007

Runners Lounge: Have you hugged a "slow" runner today?

As I sit here eating ice cream and fresh baked chocolate-chip cookies, while contemplating ditching out on my evening workout due to the 103 degree heat index, I am catching up on some of my fellow-bloggers posts. Amy had a great one today on Runners Lounge: Have you hugged a "slow" runner today?. I know I am a slow runner, and when I get passed I occasionally feel a bit sorry for myself - but Amy really boosted my spirits and made me remember how many others just like me are out there :) My pace group, affectionally self-named "the Turtles", is proud to be slowly chugging along. We like to take in the scenery. Who wants to run fast and miss the whole experience of the Marathon? We are going to take our sweet time, hear every cheer, greet every family member and friend that has come out to support us ... and savor each minute of our experience - both the high and the low points ;)

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