April 14, 2007

The Beginning

So, a little about this new blog and why I felt the need to start it....

In the past few years I have had this awareness that my life is bigger than just me. This awareness has pushed me to try new things and do new things that previously would not have even been considered by the "old me". There isnt a moment where this happened, or some sort of life altering experience (though the approach of my 30th birthday may have been a kick-start) that created this change in my mentality - just a general feeling that there is more to life than what I had previously assumed. What am I talking about? Here are some examples...

Two years ago I quit my job and enrolled as a full-time PhD student. I constantly felt like my work had no impact, it gave me no satisfaction. Every day was Groundhog Day and I was Bill Murray. I could change minor things - like whether I got a salad or burger for lunch - but I couldnt change the fact that my job was just like any other job and I was just like any other employee. I had always enjoyed school, and had finished my MBA the year prior. Of all of the people I had looked up to in my life, many of them were teachers ... and many of these teachers I had met during my undergrad and MBA experiences. In addition, I had many negative experiences with teachers at these levels as well. So I decided to continue my education, and then re-emerge as a college professor so that I could try to aspire to be one of those that inspired me.

Last year I participated in a Habitat for Humanity trip to Poland. Two weeks spent in a small Polish town, building multi-family concrete units was the experience of a lifetime. I learned about my heritatge (I am 50% Polish) and got a better perspective of the world. Seeing living conditions in a struggling country created a better awareness in me - but also fueled my need to continue to find ways to experience the world around me. To better myself and continue on my path of growth. Maybe I will talk more about this experience later as it was a huge impact in my life and my current mentality, but onto my next big mission.

I have signed up to be a charity runner for the 2007 Chicago Marathon. Why is this a big deal? Well, first of all I am not a runner. Second of all, I am running to increase funding and awareness for a well-deserved charity. If I fail at my newest mission, I not only fail at the accomplishment of a personal goal but also fail to meet the needs of a charity organization I feel strongly for.
Today is my kick-off meeting and I wanted to get this blog started before I go. More later!

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