April 20, 2011

Slight Technical Difficulties

Im on my own with the kids tonight, and after everyone was in bed at 8:30 my instinct was to catch up on some tv or get to bed early. Instead, I decided to put on my running stuff and try to get a few miles in. I got out the iPad and tried to load up the ABC ap ... and it wouldnt connect to the WiFi. It took me 30 minutes of tinkering to get it to work and it was after 9 by the time I got service.

I wanted to give up and go to bed. Luckily, I got my running stuff on BEFORE I wasted all that time. I couldnt just change out of it and get into my pajamas. That would just seem like a total failure. Instead, I did 3 miles. That was my first run since the Shamrock Shuffle, and it felt pretty good ;)

1 comment:

Jess said...

Nice job on the 3 miler!