April 14, 2011

Shuffle ... And Disappear?

I've been MIA (and not running) since the Shuffle. Its sad how much I need a race on my calendar to actually get running. Its not that I dont want to run ... I do! I actually was feeling pretty good leading up the the 8K and felt pretty good during it. I'm psyched about getting back to running.

The issue, as I have realized, is that without the pressure of a race I just dont fit runs into my day. The little guy keeps me up all night (literally) and its hard to hop on the treadmill when I am so exhausted. But, with a race on the calendar, I know I have to. Without a race, I'd simply like to. I'd also like to win the lottery and move to Hawaii ... but I dont see that happening, do you?

I'm currently scouting for some races to sprinkle throughout the summer/fall. They need to be more than a 5K, because I know I wont "train" to run 3 miles. I'm looking for 8K's, maybe 10K's, maybe a 10-miler ... and I'm pondering a fall/end-of-the-year half.

Just want to check in and say I'm still working on my comeback. I will also admit that after being up from 2-5AM with the baby, I took a nap today when I could have run. And do I feel guilty for that? Not a bit ;)


Kristina said...

What about that race that ends in Soldier Field? I think it's Memorial Day weekend.

kilax said...

You should do the Fort2Base on 9/11! It's 11.5 miles :)

And you should totally take a nap when you aren't getting enough sleep! :)

Jess said...

I wouldn't fel guilty about a nap either!

lifestudent said...

Kilax -
A friend of mine is doing that Fort2Base one! Its brand new so I was worried ... you doing it I assume?

Kristina -
I try to not do runs on holiday weekends since we usually try to do an outing with the kids, etc. I have pondered Soldier Field though. It normally sells out but still has some openings!