September 9, 2010

It Was Bound to Happen

Well, my sitter called in sick today. I've been having some dreams
(more lile nightmares) about the liklihood that either Brooke or she
gets sick in the next few weeks and it came true a bit sooner than

No, I'm not concerned about the health of my child or childcare
provider (I'll admit to being a bad mommy) ... I'm concerned about the
fact that I've allocated every hour to working ony dissertation and I
just lost 5 precious hours today. I also have to assume she will
likely need to take off tomorrow too ... Which brings the total to 10
hours lost. I can't even begin to imagine where I might squeeze out
an extra 10 hours to make up that lost time.

Now I can only hope we are getting the sickness out/over now so that I
don't have to worry during crunch time ... But with flu season
approaching I'm saying the odds are not in my favor ;)


Jess said...

That sucks! Hope she heals quickly and is back to sittin' soon!

Carly said...

Hope she feels better soon. I am having the same issues only it is me with my marathon. I completely understand the crunch for time.

Andrew Opala said...

That's crappy - hang in there.

Every minute is a minute closer to get things back on track!