February 5, 2010

Trampoline, Coffee & Missing Key

Today has been quite the day. A day filled with me making mistakes, which is not that far from a normal day, I guess.

First, I took Brooke to a class this morning. There is a trampoline there. She likes to get on it, but she hasnt mastered the idea of jumping yet. Mostly, she just walks around on it. Today, since I am feeling a little bit better, I decided to try to help her out a bit. I figured since I took that motion sickness pill before her class it would be a good idea to jump on the trampoline. Yeah, woman with vertigo gets on trampoline. DUH.

After class we went to Target to try to get Brooke some earphones for our trip. I am hoping that she will be able to sit and watch a video on the plane to make the trip a little bit easier. We got into Target and went straight to Starbucks (of course). The person behind the counter let me know that the steamer was broken and I could only get a cold drink. Darnit! I sucked it up and got an iced latte, then bought a bunch of chocolate to make up for my misery.

I got home and made Brooke lunch. After lunch I decided we should try out the earphones. If she wasnt able to use them I wouldnt go through the trouble of bringing them (along with a DVD player) on the trip. I hooked the earphones up to my laptop and played her a video. She seemed to get it. I guess I have her a little too much leeway because she started wacking the keyboard and she popped off my "G" key. Arrh!

Today I had planned on getting a bit of work done during Brookes nap. My dissertation advisor gave me a 4 week deadline that hits next week, and I am experiencing a bit of a crunch. The plan was to spend some time during her nap working, but instead I spent an hour and a half getting that stupid key back on. Brooke usually naps from 1.5-3 hours (it really varies). Since I wasted 1.5 hours already there is no point getting my work out and started now.

So while I am not totally the sole source of the bumps in todays road, I sure do have a lot of blame. The not-feeling-so-good-after-the-trampoline-thing was totally my fault. The Target thing I had some control over - I could have gone to a different Target or a regular Starbucks. In addition, nobody forced me to eat all the chocolate I bought. And while Brooke took the key off, I should have known she was going to do something bad to my laptop. And finally, if I had any sort of clue about tech stuff I wouldnt have wasted 1.5 hours getting a key on that someone else likely would have taken 5 minutes (or less) to do.

Oh yeah, and its only 2PM ;)


MCM Mama said...

OK, I didn't "make any mistakes" perse, but I can beat your day - I'm snowed in with a puking 4 year old, waiting to see who gets it next.

Hope the rest of the day went better.

Sarah said...

That sounds like one of my days! Once the steamer at my SB was broken, so I got back into the car and drove way out of my way to another...yes, I needed my regular drink that bad!

Lisa said...

Oh my. I hope tomorrow is better!

chris mcpeake said...

Got to have a few bad ones once and a while to enjoy the good ones