January 29, 2010

Not Packed, Not Ready

I'm printing out all of the necessary stuff for this weekend, including some work I'm gonna try to do on the plane. I'm still not all the way packed and its after 10PM. I'm leaving tomorrow at 7AM for Miami. Packing shouldnt take me a whole lot longer, despite the fact that I'm still not too sure what I'm going to actually WEAR for the race on Sunday :(

Most importantly, my taxi arrives before Brooke is usually up. I likely saw her for the last time when I put her to bed ... hours ago already. I know its going to be a fun trip, but right now I cannot convince myself that its going to be worth leaving my little girl (oh yeah, and my husband too ... I guess) for a whole 2.5 days.

The current weather forecast is predicting rain on Sunday. Come on SUNSHINE STATE ... do not fail me now. On a better note, right now its 18 degrees in Chicago, "feels like" 7.



Ok, maybe this weekend wont be so bad.


Carly said...

You will have a great time! Good luck at the race.

MCM Mama said...

Good luck and have a great time!!!

Sarah said...

It is frigid here....enjoy the warm weather and good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great race! You will have a blast!!

Bethany + Ryan said...

Good luck! Can't wait to hear all about it! Post a picture of yourself too, ok? You never post pics of urself, I'm not sure what u look like! :-)

Jamie said...

Good luck and have fun!