October 13, 2008

Marathon Recap

Today Becca, Bradley, Kevin & Patti came over. They came over to show off their Chicago Marathon finishers medals, gloat about the fact that they got to avenge the Chicago Marathon ... and, of course, to see Brooke!

Everyone was thrilled that they got to finish this year, despite another high heat index. All of them were extremely pleased with the level of support they received on the course, from the information provided by both signage and volunteers to the water/gatorade provision and spectator support. Unfortunately I was not able to go watch them due to the fact that Brooke just wasnt having it ... but I followed all of them via online runner tracking all day. I received frequent updates through both text and email (the text versions were faster received) and felt almost as if I was with them ... in a virtual sense!

I'm asking them if any of them would like to do a guest blog recap - if theyre willing I will post that soon. Now the question is: When you conquer a demon whats the next step? Are they done with the world of the marathon or is there more training on the horizon? For me, I feel the bug biting just because I got to witness their excitement and sense of accomplishment today ... and because I sat at home missing them (and actually wishing I was running with them) all day yesterday. But, with a baby less than 2 weeks old and another 4 weeks until I can even get clearance to exercise, running is absolutely the last thing on my mind. Cant say what the long term future holds, but I can tell you that in the short-term I will spend my time cuddling with Brooke instead of hitting the pavement. And for that, I have no regrets :)

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