October 24, 2008

Is It Worth the Free T-Shirt?

I'm trying to decide if attempting our local Trick or Treat Trot this Sunday would make me a fool or a super-hero. I havent run since I did the Wacky 5K on March 2nd. Since that date I dont think I have even walked at a fast pace. Top that off with the fact that I spent (what felt like) an eternity pregnant ... and just had a baby a little over three weeks ago.

But I feel good! In fact, considering all of the above I feel pretty great! And I have to start somewhere, right? I have the option of doing the 5K (versus the 10K) and get a t-shirt for my effort ... and thats whether or not I cross the finish line running, walking, or crawling. But is it too soon? Am I being silly thinking this is even an option?


Anonymous said...

This may not be a good idea...i tried to resume my running routine about 4 weeks after my daughter was born. I am very health-conscious, fit, etc but about a half-mile from home, I had to call my husband to come walk me home. It hit me much harder than I would ever have expected. Doctors say 6 weeks for a reason (I got a serious lecture from my doctor, too...)

just a thought...
-Carrie Jensen

lifestudent said...

Thats exactly what I am thinking ... I might be fooling myself by thinking I feel better than I actually do :) And people say "you look great" (which they would prob say to anyone who just had a baby) and it gets into your head. Maybe I'm not as ready as I think I am!

meanjean said...

can you just walk it?? it might make you feel the "race spirit"? I certainly don't want you to hurt your tiny self!

lifestudent said...

I walked a race with Cara earlier and even though the 5K was called a "walk/run" we were the only walkers. I felt like people were staring at me ... and we were definitely the only ones who walked across the finish line :( Nobody loves a walker ... and at least then I was pregnant so you could prob look at me and see why I was walking (but then again, we saw several pregnant women running that race, which made me feel even dumber).

Linden said...

I was going to say try 1.5 miles and see how it goes. If you feel good, do it. But then again, I'm not a doctor.

And I ran 4 days after my marathon (walked 1 mile, ran 1 mile, walked 1 mile) and it was awful. I felt so good that day and just promised myself that I would run the full mile, so I did, but I should not have done it.

But I say, if you want to walk it for the race spirit, walk it. Do it for you, and for Brooke (maybe you could push her in the stroller and find other moms to do the same thing too). Walk fast, maybe even run a few steps. Bud don't worry about the onlookers. They're just watching. You're the one out there walking! :)

Let us know what you decide!