April 19, 2007


I stalled until 11:30 to try this run. While I sat here messing around with my blog template and checking my email I noticed that the temperature on the weather channel now said 50 (vs 47) so I figured its now or never. I have all that I could possibly need - my wicking clothes (pants, a long sleeve shirt and socks!) a trusty Timex Ironman and a new haircut. In addition, my long sleeve Underarmor shirt has a tiny pocket, so I also had a place to put my key. Excuses? NONE :( I sadly left the mp3 player in my gym bag, zipped my key into the tiny little pocket, said goodbye to my still panting dog and went outside to brave the world of Marathon Training.

Training Log
Time:29 minutes, 20 seconds Distance:About 2 3/4 miles
I did it! I ran for 29 minutes and 30 seconds actually. Again the mapping out of my route did not go that well (due to some weather elements) and I acutally arrived back at my gate with 30 seconds to go. You know what? Thats not that bad! Despite it being 50 degrees at my house, about 1 mile away (at the lake) its about 30 and windy - and the moron I am ran right into it. After I found myself running head into the wind and tears streaming down my face, I altered my planned running route a bit and ended up having to make a silly circle around the blocks as I approached home or I would have never made 30 minutes. Once again, lessons learned!

Progress Made
  • Ran outside - didnt die
  • After running, completed a stretching video from momentum.com for marathon trainers
  • Found a way to map my runs (thanks to Bridgette!) at Favorite Run
Lessons Learned
  • My Underarmor long sleeve shirt rides up when I run :(
  • During the spring, while Chicago weather is at its maximum unpredictability, might want to plan routes away from the lake!

Unfortunately, since I screwed around all day trying to find more excuses not to run outside, I now have to head to campus to get some work done. By the time I shower, eat and get there - its gonna be about 3pm. Since I refuse to be on campus past 5, I only have 2 hours to work and I will have to go back again another day to finish up. Someday I swear, I will get my act together.

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ShoreTurtle said...

I saw your comment over on Jason/Leah's blog. I'm running Chicago marathon too. October seems far in the future, but it will here before we know it.

Congratulations on running outside and not dieing. That is a worthwhile goal.

Good luck with your training.